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  1. Hello Chitin, I’m just coming across your post now, as I am attempting an almost identical project to what you describe. My project is making a leather sleeve cuff with an outer layer as as embossed epi leather grain, and I’m hoping to make the inner layer a Latigo layer. I have been searching high and low on all websites that I can find for a sealant that fully coats the leather preventing any bleeding. as these sleeve cuffs will need to go in the wash repeatedly, I have been researching the properties of liquid latex, the same mixture used for FX make up on movie sets, and also used in latex fashion pieces of course. The reputation is it doesn’t break and never wears or bleeds. Since this post was made in 2007, I’m hoping you found the solution you are looking for. Which is most likely better than what I have found. Thanks again for your assistance. All the best Ben N
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