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  1. I honestly dont know the dates of the Rodeo. A gal Named Brielle Noah is the queen this year. Thanks for the look and the kind words. Tim Thanks for all of the looks and all the kind words everyone.
  2. Here is a set of chaps I jsut finished up for the Moses Lake Roundup queen. Black bodies with Turquoise and silver trim and overlays. Let me know what you think Thanks for stopping by. Tim TK-Leather
  3. I have been looking for the same thing for about two months now.
  4. haha that is kind of a funny coincidence. I just found an old saddle that is in about the same shape. Tore it all down and found that the tree was never covered except in some sort of mesh. ( I am not a saddle builder) my plan was to attempt to build a saddle for my daughter and learn how to at least get started in the process. My problem is when I tore it all down the wood is cracked like crazy and full of "dry rot" and one of the bars is broken off way down low. so now I wont be doing anything with it anyway except hang the tree up in the shop. Post up some pictures so I can see how it is going. Tim
  5. I cut out wedges so the fringe will follow the corect lines. Thanks for looking Tim TK-Leather
  6. I agree mark, there is no right or wrong way, and as far as sitting on the buckles I have never had that problem either its just the way I was taught to do them and the reasoning made sense so that is how I continue to do them. There are a million ways to do things and some work better for certain people. Tim TK-Leather
  7. I do mine just the opposite. I put the buckles on the Side panels and the straps on the inseam. I find that then you are for sure not going to be sitting on the buckles at any time. Just my opinions and I know a lot of people do them so the straps are attached to the side panel and I am probably the minority here. Tim Worley TK-Leather
  8. yup got em from TK-Leather, that guy is so good to deal with, he is just amazing. Thanks I like to run a long fringe. Tim Worley TK-Leather
  9. It is just thumbprints and pear shaders stamped in random. and thank you for all the input
  10. Hello everyone, here is a pair of square bottom buckskin chinks with 9" fringe. Let me know what you think. These are a vrey straightforward and basic set. Sorry the picture isnt real great, they are too small to fit on my chap stand so I took the picture outside and the wind is howling here. Tim Worley TK-Leather
  11. Hello everyone, I am looking for a set of Jerimiah Watt saddle making dvd's, If you have a set you dont use anymore I would like to buy them, or even a set I could just borrow to watch to see if I can pick anything up and then purchase my own from him. I am not trying to cut him out by any means but if I can get a set that you are not using it would save me some money . Thanks Tim Worley
  12. Well here is a day planner or photo album ( has a ring binder in it) and a bible cover, these are both fairly recent. Let me know what you all think. Thanks Tim Worley
  13. I dont know about everyone but I dont have this option "* Profile Customization" I am not a paid member however and this might be why.
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