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  1. Wow. That is just phenomenal!!! So this was originally posted 7 years ago. Do you still it? How has it held up over time? How about a couple of current photos if possible? /dwight
  2. DwightT

    New holsters

    I would imagine that a holster that incorporated RFID fabric would only have the fabric on one side between the phone and the body. The phone would still be able to receive signals from the uncovered side. However I doubt how effective that would be. The radio waves from the cell phone would still spread out around the holster, so the protection would probably be minimal. /dwight
  3. DwightT

    New holsters

    Perfect. I can run with that and make one specific to my phone. Thanks. Wow. That went fast. They just announced the availability of the mesh less than a week ago. If it went that quickly I'm sure they will be bringing in some more, so you might want to keep checking back. /dwight
  4. Personally, I use a Champagne cork. The bigger knob on the one end is easier to hold on to. /dwight
  5. DwightT

    New holsters

    I'm not sure how well it would work for cell signals, but Rocky Mountain Leather Supply has some RFID Blocking fabric that might be worth looking at for this: https://www.rmleathersupply.com/products/rfid-blocking-thin-fabric-0-1-mm-self-adhesive-back?_pos=1&_psq=RFID&_ss=e&_v=1.0 /dwight
  6. DwightT

    New holsters

    Those are gorgeous. The tooling is excellent and I love the design of the holster itself. Any chance that you would have some patterns available? /dwight
  7. To make my tools more comfortable, I've been using wine corks (I have an endless supply). I just drill an appropriate sized hole through the center and push it onto the tool. Usually that is all I need, but I have had a couple where I had to add a drop of glue to keep it from sliding down. /dwight
  8. Welcome to the forum. Where in Idaho? If you are close to Meridian I may have to come over and let you show me your Singer. /dwight
  9. The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked. So ask away. And welcome to the group. /dwight
  10. I've been wondering about him myself. Haven't seen anything from him for a couple months. Hope all is well.
  11. I had some spare time yesterday (crappy weather meant no yard work) so I went back and incorporated the suggestions. I went out to the hardware store to pick up a burr with a smaller ball and finer teeth, and I ran it at a higher speed. This made it easier to control the rotary tool so that I could get a cleaner line. I also tapered the base away from the letters a bit so that I don't get the shadowing anymore. Next up will be to do it again on a smaller head. /dwight
  12. Looks great. And congratulations. /dwight
  13. DwightT

    Hair clips

    Beautiful work. You'll sell out in no time. What is your source for the metal clips? I have several granddaughters that would love a grandpa-made gift like that. /dwight
  14. I've considered that, and it will probably happen sometime in the future. But while Delrin may be easier to cut than steel, it's also a lot more expensive. A quick look on Amazon shows that a 1/2" thick 6"x6" slab would cost $25. For this one I was able to use materials and tools that I had on hand so it didn't cost me anything to go play. But yes, I can definitely see a Delrin version in my future. And after playing with steel for a while, I should be able to get really good at controlling my rotary tool. /dwight
  15. That's beautiful work. How did you make the stamp itself? I can't imagine that you did that by hand with files or a rotary tool. /dwight
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