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  1. That seems like the solution for me! Thx man! The other links was good, but the one I quoted is the ticket. I have tried dremel chucks and collet chucks before, but that demands you have a hollow threaded shaft. The pin vise looks awesome.
  2. Thanks! I was a bit inexplicit in my first post. I am only looking for the hardware part on the awl. I have made some custom handles/hafts myself, that fits my hands really nice. I just need the awl needle holding part.
  3. Amazing tool collection in that first post! Wow!
  4. Hello! I am new to the forum. I have plans to make myself a couple of awls for use in my saddlery, and I am specifically looking for a awl needle chuck (?) to use for the project. I tried searching online, but since english isn't my first language, I am not sure whether I use the correct word in english for the hardware I am looking for. Hopefully I can get the help I need from you! Here a two pictures that shows the types of chucks I am looking for. Thanks in advance, and greetings from Sweden.
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