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  1. I like it. Pretty sweet. Better than the first tree I carved!
  2. I'll post some in the morning
  3. I made a butt stock cover for my 30-06 with 5 or 6 cartridge loops, 3/4" loops, no taper. I hunt in the rain, in the heat, bust brush, get them absolutely soaked, and I haven't had one pop up missing, yet. Been using it for about 2 years now.
  4. Those are awesome! I really like the layout.
  5. I like it. It's got a ruggedness that you don't see every day.
  6. Finish with polyurethane. Easier to get glue and whatnot off. If you don't finish it it will probably warp over time.
  7. I always put my second needle in front of the first for a nice straight stitch in the front and slanted in the back. I didn't even think about top or bottom. Thanks for bringing up this topic
  8. I'm only familiar with the classic fan type. I look forward to suggestions from other stamping folks.
  9. That's awesome. Did you dye the stingray like that?
  10. That dragon stamp is sweet. I really like the plaid lining! Yeah I think you need some sort of camouflage border. Looks like something is missing around the edges.
  11. I love the morning glories! Only thing that jumps out at me is that pebble backgrounder. I use that one a lot. If you rotate it back and forth at random, it looks more natural. In your background you can see the repeating pattern.
  12. I really like the tiger thread. I haven't had any problems with it. I do think it looks best if you pull it pretty tight and keep tension on the thread. The in and out on the upper left of your photo is probably how you are sewing. Whether you put the second needle in front, underneath, where the first stitch goes into the next hole, etc.
  13. Wow that's really cool. Thanks for sharing.
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