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  1. Can't help on the question of wheels, but regarding what type of compound to get: if you're asking, it doesn't really matter. I sharpen all my wood working, leather, and kitchen tools and just use whatever is closest. I can't tell the difference and I disturb a lot. Get a couple and try them out.
  2. I didn't mean to be confrontational. In fact, my short, direct response was meant to inform the poster (didn't know if it was a robot or not) that his website was lacking. He didn't seem defensive in his post, either. He didn't ask further questions, and that's fine. If he had asked, I would have said something similar to what @SUP and @Heartless said. you are correct that I could have been more clear, but as evidence by his response, that would have been a waste of my time.
  3. I love that. Nice work on the fading, too.
  4. I've always been curious about the chemistry of tanning, and was never able to find information sufficient to scratch the itch. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I haven't been impressed with the snaps I got from tandy. Very weak holding power. I have since started using security (pull-the-dot) and they function the way I want snap to function
  6. There was recently another thread where this topic came up. Some were advocating for creasing, citing the same worries as you, and then others were saying the groove will not affect durability or strength.
  7. Cool project. I've been trying with the idea of Celtic knots. You did a pretty good job. Is that Sierra Nevada? Possibly torpedo?
  8. Are you flipping your rule and there is a different scale on each side? I have a framing square that has imperial measurements on one side, then imperial marked off in tenths... If I'm not paying attention I'll get small mistakes like that.
  9. Ddat

    The Wizard

    That's awesome. I love it.
  10. Ddat

    My shootout wallet

    Looks like a nice wallet to me. The tooling is simple but clean. I don't know what context you're entering but I think you'd have a chance.
  11. @n866 I haven't messed with deer hide yet, but I'm always looking for a challenge. I'd like to try making a set of gloves or a small purse for nearly free if they're willing to experiment.
  12. Ddat

    CCW/cell phone

    That seems like a dangerous way to CCW (for the user). The firearm would be under the flap, behind a buckle?
  13. I had the opposite problem, couldn't get snaps to feel secure enough. Are you using thin leather with a long post? If there's too much peened (rolled) material inside the female portion you won't be able to close them properly. Could they be pull-the-dot security snaps?
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