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  1. My old belt got all raggedy and was never as stiff as I wanted. 8 oz. Face, 4 oz. Inner liner. Got these buckles from fosterweld on Etsy.
  2. Thanks. It's a game-changer, for sure.
  3. @DaveP here is a close up of one of the caps. I used 2 pieces of 2-3oz. For the tubular section.
  4. I only saddle stitch at this point, as well. When I get back home I'll post some better pictures of the caps for you. Then you can see the mistakes haha.
  5. Ddat

    Archery arm guard

    Perhaps... But that might affect my compass use, and these are pretty stiff. The closure side has about a1" gap where you slide your wrist into. It's stiff enough that you squeeze the metal ring to confirm to your layers of clothing, sort of like a cuff bracelet. I took some pictures but not sure they illustrate the point.
  6. It's a low-voc formulation. Works ok. Uniformed voters vote in politicians that turn the screws.
  7. Yep that's right. Tried to get Angelus dyes and paint... They can't ship to a California address. Their factory is in Los Angeles. We also can't get certain species of skins/hides, the only state to require copper bullets for hunting, and can't get most of the firearms people can get in every other state. Try buying a vehicle in another state and bringing it to California for a real good time.
  8. Fiebings dye, the one they allow in California. I just use SNO seal as a final finish on my projects. Hiked a few hours in the rain and my lenses were perfectly dry and clear
  9. After I made the grips, I was pretty worried they wouldn't last very long... They feel delicate. But I've been carrying it daily for two months and shoot about 50 rounds per week. So far so good!
  10. Ddat

    Archery arm guard

    There are 2 bars of thin metal sandwiched between the two later at top and bottom. The metal holds its shape, and you can adjust it for heavier clothing.
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