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  1. Thanks! I tried to wipe done the darker areas with alcohol but that didn’t really work. I ended up using a piece of sponge to add more dye to the lighter areas & buffing really well with an old tshirt. I’d let dry them repeat a few times. I think she will too! Thank you!
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the advice! I'll probably fold over the lining then stitch.
  3. I was actually able to salvage it! It’s not perfect by any means but it was made with love! I used Chicago screws so I can take the binder part out & line with velvet. I’m almost done ! Thank you all for all your time & tips!
  4. I don’t know why I’m not getting notifications of replies so I’m just now seeing these. Thanks for your help! I’m going to look into that & try it next time! Thank you! Thank you!!!
  5. Hello! You all helped me rescue my blotchy 3 ring binder album & I have one other question. It’s still pretty stiff in places & I am wondering if I can condition the flesh side before I apply the contact cement & velvet lining fabric? I want to have good adhesion for the liner. Also, will the liner stay in place with just the glue or do I need to stitch the edges? Thanks!
  6. Thank you all for your time & suggestions!
  7. Thanks so much! Do you suggest soaking the leather in the solution?
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