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  1. Stitch length is 2mm have used both 138 and 207. The thread is from leather machine company. Not sure of the brand though, it is what they supply. I have the thread going through the 2nd hole down which is straight on from the thread feeding it. Still trying things but still encountering knot pull through. it’s almost like it doesn’t matter how thick the material is. It still pulls through. The tension is super loose at this point. Very bizarre. ‘’I appreciate everyone’s responses as I work through this.
  2. Still no luck….. im using the needles provided with the machine and thread that is sold by leather machine company. Trying both 138 and 207. I’m having the same problems you describe. I have been using a glass slicker to rub out the walking foot marks which works good. When the thread pulls through that is not something I can sell. At this point I am pretty disappointed.
  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll give this a shot and see what happens! As you’d imagine it’s pretty annoying as I can’t complete an item with out it being ruined.
  4. I received my new class 26 machine yesterday and have been spending the last 2 days setting it up and experimenting with it, but am finding some problems with it. I set up per instructions and watched several videos on YouTube so I don’t believe the error is in my end. I am able to run a length of stitching for about 10-14 inches before the knot pulls through the top then again the machine will run 10 inches or so then the knots pull through leaving an inconsistent stitching patten I have adjusted the tension on the front on the machine many times to try and fix the problem but it does not seem to help. Is there something I need to do or look at differently? Ps leather is English bridle and Latigo 8/9oz and 10/11oz. Thanks
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