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  1. Copied from his YouTube post: Hi all! Finished a project that had dragged on for several months. 80% reversible design. Unfortunately, the pieces of leather for the edges were not long enough. I had to make 2 jumpers, which is not very beautiful. Pattern for a punch with a step of 5mm. The main frame is vegetable tanned leather 1.6 thick. The edging and the inner part of the straps are pueblo leather 0.8mm. - claim. suede with glue base. pattern. Uploaded PDF from his website: gray_backpack_AK.pdf
  2. Video instruction download pattern telegram
  3. Hello everyone! Designed a new, small bag for documents, smartphones, keys. How practical and convenient it is - time will tell. Used leather 1.4-1.6 mm. Perhaps it was better to choose a skin that is thinner and softer, but dense skin holds its shape well and looks good. Punch pitch 4mm. YKK zippers # 3 One zipper can be used for side pockets, as an option for both. I want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year holidays! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! All goodness and peace! telegram pattern video tuturial AK-bag_1.pdf
  4. Hello! Designed and sewed a small women's bag for his beloved wife. But you friends can also make a gift to your loved ones. The pattern is free! There is not enough time, I tried to finish this project faster, but it turned out this way - how it turned out. video tutorial pattern website
  5. Free patterns from Andrew Karpov website yutube telegram
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