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  1. yes it works last i unplugged and moved it. used for Biothane.
  2. Thanks so much for the pictures! And advice. I’ll look for the reverse mechanism. Opinion on the other machines? anita
  3. yeah! pictures. Singer 154WSV37 Need good description and value if you please. anita That’s a terrific idea and thank you. I’ll look into taking a class and downloading Adobe too. thanks
  4. Greeting All, Im hoping to get help with a good description as well as suggested sale price and value of this Randall Machinery Rotary Hole Punch. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. RANDALL LEATHER MACHINERY ROTARY PUNCH Might anyone here help me with a good description and value or suggested sale price for this Rotary Punch please?
  6. Hoping to get a good description and Value/Sale price for this UNIPUNCH machine. Thank you!
  7. Consew 226R-1 I’m seeking a suggested value / for sale price and description if you please.
  8. Thanks Gary, What do you do with yours and what makes you like it so much?
  9. Thank you for the manual Tequilla, I sure appreciate you finding it. I use these machines to make tack using Biothane and Beta. All machines work. Thanks again. Anita Shoepatcher, Ill try to post again and list them individually. Thanks for your advice Anita
  10. yeah! pictures. Singer 154WSV37 Need good description and value if you please. anita
  11. Dear Friends, Finally fixed the photo size problem thanks to Wiz. Here are the pictures of the machines that I’d like to have help pricing and describing for sale please. SEWING MACHINES: Chandler 305-6423 Consew 226R-1 Adler 205-370 Singer 144WSV37 Unipunch (hydralic with foot pedal) Randal Leather Machinery Corp - tabletop Rotary Punch Foot Punch with assorted knives
  12. Thanks so much for trying to help! Ive downloaded IMGUR and am unable to figure it out. I am on an IPad and apple phone…. This seems to want the android info maybe? I can email or text photos to anyone interested. Thanks again for your help.
  13. Thank you all for your suggestions on resizing pictures. Unfortunately I’m technologically challenged and cannot seem to make any of the programs Ive downloaded work/start, etc, I can send pictures thru text or email if anyone would like to see them. So sorry!
  14. Hello All, I’m new to the site and hoped some of you might help me put values to the machines I have. I took some pictures but they are too big (3mb) to add to the message. Any advice on reducing picture size? Thanks in advance for your help and consideration. Anita from Central Florida
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