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  1. Beautiful sheath! Very artsy design and I love the lacing. Luck friend!
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    From the album: Pics...

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    From the album: Pics...

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    From the album: Pics...

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    From the album: Pics...

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    From the album: Pics...

  8. Sam Andrews has a great method for sure. I use scalpels with #11, 23, 25 blades. Far superior to exacto blades. Cheap, super sharp and made for cutting flesh. Can be stropped for even better results.
  9. Beautiful!! Just beautiful.... Genius!
  10. I use scalpels.. Heck, that's what they are made for. Far superior to xacto blades and can be stropped for long life. And cheap! I ordered the plastic handles from amazon. The #11, #23, #24. #25 blades work great!
  11. Thank you! A buddy wanted a left-hand sheath so he could wear his sidearm during hunts...
  12. Left hand sheath for Pig hunter knife...
  13. Another beggar for the template please! Will post completed rig.. Thank you!
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