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  1. They are 5-6 inches wide but anything past a couple inches is a struggle. I tried to split a wallet back and I'll leave it at tried.
  2. I hope you ordered all the obvious wear and tear parts because you can them dirt cheap when getting the machine. Hook, bobbins ect
  3. Thin it with a little water if needed otherwise it's probably fine for edges or burnishing the flesh side. I have some that's a little runny and some that's really thick. Still works fine.
  4. Can you refill the canister with air to re-use or is it one and done?
  5. One of the cheaper/easiest and good product is parchment paper. Yup, the kind for baking and such.
  6. @Northmount probably best to move to sewing machines if you would be so kind.
  7. https://www.harborfreight.com/compact-bender-38470.html Have you looked at something like this? Type in bender and they have different options that could maybe what you're looking for.
  8. Is it for solid steel or a pipe?
  9. Would a pipe bender be the same or do these specialize the widths of the bends and what not?
  10. Try letting the resist sit overnight. I thought it was good after a few hours and night and day difference sitting overnight.
  11. SLC ships their stuff out with heat packs that I've had shipped in the middle of Jan. and was fine.
  12. As @PeterinID and @GatoGordo said vasoline and try a hair dryer on the threads.
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