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  1. Check the back to see if all the fins are clogged with dust and lint. Been there done that, blew all the crud out and worked fine after. Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Wow, you couldn't of had a straight face when you wrote that.
  3. Not having any idea what the machine is knowing you do, could it be flagging depending on what leather they're sewing?
  4. After looking at some of these I was going to start a thread on the messiest but if I posted mine I don't think anyone could compare.
  5. If you look in most leather stores they have erasers that will take off contact cement but just as easy roll it with your fingers. Your leather curling is from the alcohol in the dye evaporating. The fix is to bend and roll the leather the opposite of the way it's curled to straighten it out and oil before dying might help.
  6. If you're looking for the cheapest option go to Springfield leather and get a few bags of the scrap leather(veg). You can get different weights and also a mix of Herman Oak and import so you can tell the difference. Don't be fooled into thinking there's not usable sized pieces because there are. Also get a leather gauge ($4.00) so you can tell the different weights and what works best for ordering in the future.
  7. Are you asking if one machine is better than the other because a difference in the recommended sewing thickness of 1/16th of a inch?
  8. No leather or leather made goods just services in the tool skills or manufacturers of equipment, DON’T BE SHY OR STINGY!
  9. Why in the world would you order from it from Germany when you can order from Springfield Leather and multiple other places?
  10. Is that a Sergey (the Y's) stamp or from somewhere else? That a nice looking stamp that flows with the length of the sling.
  11. And why is it you think veggie oil would eat the thread?
  12. Love how easy it is to spread, how quick it sets up and if it gets a little thick just add water.
  13. Those are a couple of nice things.
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