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  1. It would be cheaper to buy whole sides in the oz. you want then getting a splitter to do anything that wide. You'll be in hundreds just for one that will do belt widths.
  2. Well I have to say that I'm having crow for dinner because when you wrote you ordered on Tuesday and you got them on Wed I thought you were fos. I placed my order at 3:00p.m. on Thursday and said the order should be here on Tue. Fair enough, got up today (Friday) and noticed tracks in driveway and looked on my steps and there sat my order from BK.
  3. A really cheap and easy one to get is if you have somewhere near you that does stone countertops and get the cut outs from the holes for faucet and water handles.
  4. Burkhardt

    First Purse

    I finally have seen one of the don't ever use stamps part of the 20 you get online used and what a great look. Is that where you got yours from one of the 20 kits?
  5. It so strange when you think of something 5ft long that;s 10 degrees different is noticeable. But, when it's a 1/4in. you wouldn't think it would make much of a difference
  6. Have you ever used any 30 degree bevels before because I almost ordered a set from BK today? The reason, if you've ever watched Don Gonzales video he uses the 30 degree and had said don't get the extra steep ones. So I called him and talked about the pros and cons because I currently have and love a set of 40 degree (extra steep) checkered. I found out I had a 30 degree one (albeit smooth) and did a side by side and the width of the burnish and compression was noticeable. Had a nice gal from BK send me a picture of the 30 and there is such a tiny difference have you ever compared them?
  7. Off topic, whatever became of the stinky leather you had? Did the smell ever leave and were you able to use it?
  8. https://shop.dgsaddlery.com/products/rifle-saddle-scabbard-pattern-pack-printed
  9. Don't be chasing away people from here for Facebook unless you're going to post everything here also.
  10. Those 2 things can't happen at the same time.
  11. Does the tension change on shorter stitch lengths?
  12. Look up about a inch from your last comment and click on the little spot where it says here.
  13. For each person just hit the quote reply and it will show as many as you hit in a comment.
  14. First things first whatever you're using on your pictures sucks because when you try to zoom in to see better they actually get smaller. The reason I asked for a picture of your beveler is because when I started yours look like master pieces compared to mine. Problem was my beveler. If you're using a real flat beveler your not going to be able to get any depth and smooth lines. Your carving on the one above is on point.
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