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  1. Thanks a lot bro! I'm located in Poland, prices are different and availability is different I found 205-64 for about 850 $, 205-370 will cost 2-3K $. I'm sewing only sheaths for knives, so I need simple tool for one job. I will try to sew my leathers on this machine next week
  2. Hello folks! I have some questions about this machine, and I don't want to start new topic. Can you tell me please what are major differences between 105-64 and 205-64? I looking for machine that will be able to sew 10-13 mm veg tan leather with about 1mm thick thread. Thanks in advance, Emil.
  3. Hi folks! I've made many calls and no one can offer me Adler 105-64 in Poland. However I found Adler 205-64 with price below 1000 EUR. Are there any disadvantages of 205-64 comparing it to 105-64? From the information I found, it should deal with 10-13 mm thick veg tan leather Thanks in advance, Emil
  4. Thanks mate Prices in Poland are much lower, I should get this model for 700-800 $.
  5. I have to visit the service in my hood. Elder guy has a lot of contacts, I will ask him to find for me Adler 105-64 in good condition and price. Indeed, prices in Poland are usually lower, and we still have a lot of machines on the market. Cheers
  6. Thank a lot bro I just splashed some wood dye on my leathers. Sometimes I am using also pieces of sponge for application. It's really simple
  7. Thank you guys for your comments, finally I found experienced community that shares knowledge. Currently my first choice is Adler 105-64, I will try to find one in good condition. I hope I will be able to find smooth lower feed dog for this machine Tippman Boss is not available in Poland, and purchasing new one from US + taxes + shipping will be too much for such simple machine. Anyway, if someone has anything to add, just don't hesitate. I will appreciate any help, because it's still kind of magic for me. Cheers, Emil.
  8. Hello folks! I'm so happy I found your forum. My name is Emil, I'm a knifemaker located in Poland. I started making knives and leather sheaths about 6 years ago, however I'm a bit tired of hand sewing. Usually I am using veg tan leather 3-4 mm per layer, and sewing mostly 3-4 layers. It gives me about 10 mm - 15 mm material, that I have to stitch. 15 mm is extreme for me, most of my sheaths are between 9-12 mm thick ( about 1/2"). All the time I'm using 1mm waxed slam thread. I decided to buy my first leather sewing machine, just for sewing my sheaths. It's still small part of my work, but really time consuming. Last 10 days was making research, and I'm getting crazy As I am located in Europe it's not easy to get second hand Cobra or Cowboy, it's world of Adler, Claes, Singer, Minerva etc... My budget is limited to about 1000 EUR / USD. I found that perfect machine for my use should be Juki 441 or Adler 205, however these machines are too expensive for me. I also found some other interesting models, but I'm not sure if they are "strong" enough to deal with my leather goodies: - Adler 269-373 - Claes 214 - Adler 105 And now I have question to you. What do you think about machines from the list above? Could you suggest me something else that won't ruin my budget? I just want to mention that I have good service of heavy machines in my neighborhood, and they can help me with some modifications or repairs. Best regards, Emil
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