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  1. Yes, growing up me had nothing but farms and railroad tracks which make a great combination for riding. Now that they developed 80% of those farms, I just ride on my property. About the polebarn; my garage is only 22x22, extra room was necessary and a polebarn was the best option
  2. The machine powers on and runs good along with the needle gap set right. The plate under the presser foot is bent / not formed straight (see photo in link) Is the plate designed that way or is it worn out / bent? 1st and second photo top right, there is some type of bracket and I do not see where it mounts. What is that for?
  3. New to the craft and no nothing about sewing (other than what I watched in videos). Wanted to get a machine so I can make boat canvas, boat upholstery, auto upholstery and couch covers for myself over the next few years. While researching machines, I kept coming across this forum as being most informative and user friendly. My machine - Omega 280L, seems to be the same as a Nakajima 280L or a Juki DNU-241. I never thought I would be so excited to get a sewing machine, feels like having a new dirtbike in my pole barn. I plan to buy piping foot set, a few different size binders, suspended edge guide, extra bobbins, hot knife, foam cutter, staple removers and magnetic sewing guide. Any other tools or parts anyone here recommends getting to make my jobs easier? I am pasting a like to the Google photos of my machine. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPDBNRgFBSABc61TIY64KL2REqy8JqFjt85XKZ74bEl9k4mcToO4IKZ-jZQAnJ0Iw/photo/AF1QipPoTUxjR7zvCkchdzvLD7A-hA6vPXQD6WDs19Ng?key=ZUdPSzhsalRFdjlvaUpuaWhoNG9nbGZNcHBGZjJR
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