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  1. Thanks kgg and Wiz, The issue resolved itself today. I put foaming oil on all the reverse lever parts I could find yesterday. Apparently after sitting the lube had a chance to work, one day later and I'm golden. Also the stitch length dial works if I press the reverse lever. Odd, but at least I saved the $100+ the mechanic would have charged. I appreciate all the advice Gentlemen! Garric
  2. Thanks Wizcrafts, I tried that. I just found another problem that may be related? The stitch length dial will not turn lower than 3. Thanks All, Garric
  3. Hi Kgg, I'll try your suggestions tomorrow. I can't get a better photo of the inside. Heck, I can't even see to the top of the spring .There's a lot of other parts in the way. Thanks, Garric
  4. Thanks Kgg, Can't see where it's rubbing. Maybe the machine was resting on the lever when I transported it in my car. Added some oil around the area where the pin shaft goes through the body to no avail. Can't see where the lever mechanism is as it is deep in the body of the machine. My mechanic would charge me $100 to fix so I'd like to do it myself of course. Any other advice?
  5. Hi All, New member here. We've got a new to us Consew 205RB. The reverse lever is sticking when pushing down and we have to push up (sticking also) to get it to disengage. Other than this issue it sews perfectly. Anyone have advice on how to fix? Thanks in Advance, Garric
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