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  1. Hi everyone. I bought a couple of days ago a singer 211U166 from a local upholsterer for 50 euros ( something like 48 usd i guess) including table and the clutch motor and some needles size of 120, 140 and 160. At home I started to exemine my new toy. As it was straight from the workshop, it s doing quite nice stitches, 5 stitch per inch. But things startef to get interesting, when I wanted to shorten the stitch lenght. I do as it says in the manual, push the button on the machine bed, turn the wheel away from myself. Then I release the button. But instead of getting a shorter stitch length, the feeding mechanism completely messes up, inner foot moves weirdly, feeding the material forward instead of backwards even though no reverse stitching is on. I managed to put it back to max. stitch and everything is normal again. But I cant manage to shorted the stitch lenght. I wonder if its fixed to max. stitch somehow and cannot be adjusted?
  2. Hi, Its Atilla from Finland and I joined the forum yesterday. I ve been doing leatherwork for sometime as a hobby, mostly by hand-stitch. A couolenof weeks ago I decided to switch to machine sewing and bought a pfaff 545-H3. I realized after I brought it home that the presser bar had too much play on the top, looked like some parts were missing. After some inspection, the problem was found. There were just a couple of ball-bearings left inside the bushing. Someone tried to change the presser bar before? Noone knows. So I ordered new ball bearings from ebay. According to the parts catalogue the size is 1/16". So, my question is, has anyone changed those bearings before? I took also off the presser bar. Does it effect the timing of the walking foot system?
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