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  1. Just a hobbyist, I only make a few holsters a year, so everything I do is by hand. Bronson
  2. That's what I do. My oven's lowest temp is 170 but I don't preheat it. I hang the holster turn the oven on and 15-20 minutes later it's done. Bronson
  3. First I want to make sure you know that you did a very nice job for your first couple of holsters. Since you've asked for input I'll give mine. 1) Move the stitch line along the trigger guard/frame as close to the profile of the gun as you can get it. 2) Round off all sharp corners. 3) If your are going to hand stitch I think a traditional saddle stitch looks much better than a straight stitch. Al Stohlman's book The Art of Hand Sewing Leather is a good place to start. This video is also nice 4) My personal aesthetic would have me trim the bottom of the pancake holster to follow the line of the muzzle instead of being flat across the bottom. That will get rid of that extra flap of leather at the bottom which will get flappier (is that a word?). These are all fairly minor things that aren't too hard to fix. Again, you did good. Bronson
  4. I don't really do lined holsters but I'm wondering if you'd just add the thicknesses together and treat it as one piece of leather that's equal to the combined thickness. So, lay your holster out like you're using 9.5/10 oz leather. Like I said, I don't really know...I'm just guessing. Bronson
  5. I'm not generally a fan of shoulder holsters but I gotta say I'd be proud to run that rig. You did a really great job. Bronson
  6. The guy I was buying my holsters from would accept the order, without payment, and when your order was the next in the queue to be made he would send an email with an updated delivery time and instructions for payment. You could either accept the lead time and pay or cancel the order at that time. Bronson
  7. This probably won't be a popular answer around here but if you're looking to do just one holster you'd probably be better off, from both a functionality and money standpoint, to just buy a quality holster. Bronson
  8. For an OWB concealed carry holster I would be worried that the wings could be another thing to snag clothing on. Bronson
  9. Probably Delrin. I believe the CompTac clips are Delrin http://www.comp-tac.com/product_info.php?products_id=81 Bronson
  10. Agreed. I would much rather look at something simple that is done well than something elaborate that is poorly done. Mike always does such clean work it is an inspiration. It's one of the things I see in us new holster makers that I don't like. Trying to be all fancy with tooling and all sorts of frippery BEFORE the solid basics of design and construction have been learned. Like I said, I would much rather see a simple pancacke holster that is designed well with even stitching, good edges, and a nice finish than a tooled hot mess. Ok, off my soapbox. As always, nice work Mike. Bronson
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