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  1. After I bunch of hassle, my 29-4 still isn’t stitching right, I know the new bell cranks won’t fit, I did the brazing, maybe the motion ring is worn too, I don’t know. what about a new motion ring and compatible bell crank? Would that work?
  2. Man, I’ve spent a lot of time and some money on this thing and I think it’s worse now. I did build up with brazing. But not sewing so great and only tiny. What else could it be?
  3. Thank you! I read through it, doesn’t look too hard if I can get the parts.
  4. I’ve seen some aftermarket ones that say they fit, but I’ve heard they don’t?
  5. Anybody have a refurbished bell crank I could swap out to try and regain stitch length?
  6. Thanks! That pic is very helpful! Hope that will fix it
  7. I just got this, it’s missing the leaf spring/foot tension bar, I put a little hmm screw from a 31-30 in the stitch adjuster thing. it was cycling until I opened the bottom and the gear fell out and the small notch piece. I also took out the bobbin/shuttle, now it stops like it’s hitting, I don’t know what’s stuck. hopefully it will work, I’m sure I’ll need that spring to see though , anyone have one, or some tips ?
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