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  1. Good day all, yes i use an airbrush to get that aged look. Dwight, i was the engineering officer on whec 718, Chase out of Boston....loved my jt5 jet engines!....lol
  2. Thank you sir. Seems to be a mystery machine. I can tell you it's as heavy as a boat anchor. Looks extremely well made. I'm retrofitting it with a 1 hp servo. It's current 300 stitch per min is way beyond my skills!
  3. Good day, I'm Chuck and I operate as Dark Angel Leatherworks. A dual US Canadian citizen, my dad having been born in Montreal. We operate out of Cardinal Ontario and Ogdensburg NY. A short 1 mile bridge over the mighty St. Lawrence river separates my shops. As a younger man I was in the US Coast Guard. An old chief boatswain showed me some basic nautical leather skills and the love affair was born. Many years passes until I could seriously pursue my love. I look forward to making new friends and sharing skills.
  4. Good day . I recently bought a rex rx67d machine from a gentleman who bought a tailor shop for his dad, who was coming over from India soon. He sold it as a broken machine because he said the needle wobbled...lol...(its a compound feed). Anyways, does anyone know anything about these machines? Good? Bad? I retrofitted it with 1 hp servo motor, replacing the half horse clutch motor. Haven't sewn with it yet, had to order a drive belt and bobbins. Any thoughts? Oh...I have a half horse clutch motor if anyone needs it.
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