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  1. Artistic equality is for the critics. To an artist there is no such concept.
  2. The abrasion I'm referring is to about this "I had thought that someone may have tried to remove the black dye since the top of the holster looks like that could have been the case, but most likely from a waist coat rubbing on it.". We are both thinking the same thing. When I say "water barrier" I am referring to any finishing oil or wax that acts as a protective shield or barrier between the leather and water or moisture.
  3. When the leather is not protected, water gets in there and increases the size of the hole. The thread could not be waxed enough. Dirt and junk gets in there and rots. The dye is probably oil based so the wear would be from abrasion.
  4. The thread is not the problem Just clean it with saddle soap, add new thread that is larger diameter (make sure to wax it), and add a water barrier.
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