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  1. Thanks I will check it out
  2. I only machine sew bags and pouches that are sewn inside out and then turned. I hand sew everything else because I prefer the way it looks. I am using a Sears 31-15 that works fine, just wanted to up grade to machine with reverse. Thanks for the responses
  3. Looking at a Juki DD 8700H for light and medium work, has any one had any experience with this machine. Thanks
  4. Thanks to the advice and help of members here, I picked up a 1920 31 15 in excellent condition. This machine sews great, but has a clutch motor the size of a large water melon, just a bit too much pressure and it takes of like a rocket. I am looking at several servo motors to replace it with, Goldstar, Toledo Ind and ConSew. They are all about the same price, look the same, seem to be the same motor, 550 w 3/4 hp Thanks for any advice or experience with any of these motors
  5. After a weeks delay, I finally got it, 1920 model with an industrial table and servo motor. I have only hand sewn for years so this is all new, will be ordering the roller foot. Again, thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for the info, picking it up tomorrow, will be trying and learning. I am with you on the old cast iron machines, they are in a class all their own
  7. Thank you, I am going with the 31 15
  8. Has anyone had or used a singer AB792646 99 machine. Looking to sew straps 4/5 oz and suede. Thanks for any info
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