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  1. On 11/8/2022 at 4:34 PM, zuludog said:

    Search the Net for George Barnsley and sons Ltd. They are one of the last traditional British leather tools manufacturer, and based in Sheffield, which is an excellent recommendation. They have various knives and other tools for leather work

    Contact them about sales & export if necessary

    I own a few of their knifes, and they are good knifes, but I wanted to try a different brand. I am not 100% happy with them. Could be the handle or my sharpening skills. I'm not sure.

  2. On 11/8/2022 at 5:57 PM, doubleh said:

    First off, my compliments on some great work. 

    I have accumulated a fair sized box of knives over the years and what do I usually grab? An Exacto with a chuck that I replaced the handle with a man sized wooden one. It lets you use different shaped blades that you can resharpen many times and they are thin which make them go easier when cutting. Since I don't make intricate cuts like yours I have no idea if that would work for you.

    I'll try that. Thank you!

  3. 12 hours ago, battlemunky said:

    I hate to admit it but I have one of those high end knives and use my $12 Olfa snap blade knife almost exclusively. There's bound to be some local knifesmiths willing to help you out. I wish I had better/more helpful insight for you.

    Also, your work looks clean, bravo.

    Thank you so much for the support and insight!

    Regarding the knife, ya, I'm no expert in knives but that goes for many other things. The difference between something of good quality and something of excellent quality is hard to notice for most people who aren't maniacally obsessed. 
    Also my sharpening skills are still pretty basic and seems like that makes all the difference. 

  4. Hello, everyone!

    I'm new to this community and have been reading your posts for a while now and it helped me tremendously. Thank you for that!
    I started with leathercraft a year and a half ago and I already sell my own range of products. I make costumes and accessories.
    What I need your help for is choosing a knife that works better for my work, because I'm not happy with mine and I would like something better. From what I understand finding the perfect knife is a rabbit hole, I read a lot and I'm still confused so I just decided to ask for advice. I already researched the best US knife masters and I definitely have my eye on a couple of knifes that I would like to purchase in the future but they seem to be hard to find and it takes a long time to have them. I live in Europe and need something of quality that I can have a little faster than 6 months, near me if possible.
    I use a half head knife at the moment and I feel comfortable with that model, I just want ho upgrade to a higher quality blade. I'm willing to pay up to 250€. I cut lots of irregular shapes, curves and small details so maybe the more experienced of you could give me an advice.
    I post some of my works for reference.
    Thank you in advance!




    20220917_153554-01-01 copy.jpg


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