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  1. Really. So it’s fair to say there is a meaningful difference in the quality and this isn’t just a matter of preference. I will have to get some different stuff and see. The problem with starting out is the waste.
  2. All thanks For the input and guidance. I will check out the various recommendations. This is probably a naive question but what causes the quality difference between for instance a Tandy 4/5 oz veg tan and a Herman 4/5 oz vegtan
  3. Thanks all for taking the time to respond. So much shopping is done online now it never occurred to me to give a location. I am in North east ohio. I have only been learning this craft a couple of weeks so it also didn’t occur to me to mention what I was doing. I have so far been doing small projects. Wallets and pen holders and bracelets. I have been working with 4/5 oz veg tan and that seems to work out well. I just foot a beginners tooling set so I want to give that a try as well.
  4. So far I have bought 4/5 ounce veg tan leather from Tandy. Is there a consensus on where a beginner can get cheap leather?
  5. Thanks Tony V. When you say I am out of alignment do you mean here? The camp should be in the center of the basket weave?
  6. @DJole yup I burnished the edges. Sanded with 120 to 3000 experimenting with that mirror finish. Didn’t quite get it. Then burnished with tokinole I’m between standings.
  7. This was my first make it up myself wallet with a first attempt at some tooling. Probably the straightest stitching I have done. I ended up finishing this with olive oil and I am not thrilled with the results. I have some Neatsfoot coming but if anyone has any thoughts on how to even put olive oil over the surface I would be grateful for the advise.
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