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  1. Thank you for that great info!! I have ordered the needles you suggested. I also got other similar ones from Amazon asap. Anyhow, with the new needle, I am able to set the first stitch but then the subsequent ones don't grab the bobbin thread. Is there any first things that I should check to see why this is? I appreicate the help in advance. Oh, incidentally, if I sew thinner material, like a flannel shirt scrap, it catches the bobbin.... Very curious to me.
  2. Thank you! Those are great suggestions. I'm trying to understand the needle sizes more. There are 135x17 #18 needles widely available but the 135x16 #18 is harder to find. What is the difference? I know it is a noob question. I am excited to change needles and see what happens. I have some of these that I was going to try but they are 135x17 #18: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JV6GQUC
  3. For what it is worth, here is the portion of the manual that refers to needles. That gives me hope it'll work. Thank you for the needle and thread information.
  4. I have also experimented with making the stitch length much longer and that seems to help. Now, it pops the top thread when I am sewing thick leather or two pieces together.
  5. I have a leather shoe patcher machine that I just bought. I'm sewing leather I had made from one of my bulls I slaughtered. My issue is that the thread keeps breaking. The needle punches the leather just fine and it'll lock a few stitches in but then breaks. What is the first thing to look for? Wrong needle, maybe? Leather thickness = 2/8" Machine: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Anqidi-11-8-Manual-Patch-Leather-Sewing-Machine-DIY-Cobbler-Shoe-Repair-Boot-Patcher-Industrial-Stitching-Machine/420734277 Thread: https://www.michaels.com/coats-and-clark-extra-strong-upholstery-thread/M10212112.html Needle: DPx17 - 135x17 - 18/110 (came with the machine) I'm not an expert but the tension seems to be adjusted fine.
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