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  1. This looks really good! Small enough to be portable and not weigh a lot, but big enough to carry what someone might want!
  2. Hello to all! I'm Rob Underwood, and I just wanted to drop a line and introduce myself to the Forum. I started leatherworking at a young age - I sat with my grandfather during winter and learned how to sew and do minor repairs for saddle and tack that was used on the ranch over a plate of cookies and a warm potbellied stove. It was some of the greatest memories I treasure, and most likely what led me to where I am today. After a 20-year career and deployments to all over the world with the US Air Force, I retired and was awarded disability. However, I found that retirement with nothing to do is pretty difficult, and after a few hits and misses, I found myself working part-time at the Cheyenn Tandy leather store. The people there are great, and I loved being in the store where I could turn my paycheck back in to Tandy in exchange for reuniting with one of my favorite hobbies. My wife and I opened Rocking RA Leatherworks in 2017 in order to meet the surprising number of individuals who came into the store needing repairs, from wallets and purses to saddles and tack. Things have simply blossomed since then - and we've been truly blessed in the inordinate amount of work we receive, from custom jobs to rebuild and refurbishment. Our motto is "If it's Leather, we can handle it!" I joke with customers that it's easier to mention what we don't do - leather upholstery is out because my shop is in my basement, and I have no idea what all is needed to do leather upholstery. The other requests we don't do is any kind of bondage gear; we don't look down on anyone regardless of race, creed or nationality (20 years of Air Force medicine has thoroughly convinced me that we are all just people on this Earth trying to do what we can), but the fear is that if Rocking RA makes something for that kind of use and an individual hurts themselves because they couldn't remove or get free of the item, it is really bad for the customer and the business. Outside of that, I've done a lot of really fun and unique stuff - from period reproduction armor for LARP players to steampunk costumes and more horse tack than I can count! In the past, I've been referred to leatherworker.net for information, how-to's and answers to questions I didn't know, and I have referred many a customer to this forum simply to educate themselves about leather working. However, I've just now joined because it took a while to figure out that the sign in page that allows you to give a donation when joining doesn't work! I had received numerous errors while trying to join, and it wasn't until my son mentioned that the error code simply indicated that there was no online software to process my donation! So now that we've figured this out, I've joined and I'm very much looking forward to everything on this forum! Rob Underwood Rocking RA Leatherworks "If it's Leather, we can handle it!"
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