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  1. Good morning everybody, Years and years ago in a far away land I too was into leather craft. Tandy’s was just a hop and skip away and materials were easy to go pick up. I loved to lace my work with 1/8” kangaroo lacing but now online it looks like it’s not that much available anymore. There is other lacing like, deer skin, Latigo, Kodiak, calf. I did buy some kangaroo online from a dealer but the edges weren’t chamfered and clean and sharp as Tandy’s. I’ve seen the videos on the tube about making my own lace but I’d probably not do well there. Sooooo……other than kangaroo what are you using? If you’re using kangaroo where do you get it? Thanks! Dano
  2. Now this is frikkin’ awesome! Looks like a lot of 3d printing? Thanks for making me want one more now, Dano
  3. Thanks everybody for the replies, If I do go ahead and buy one I’ll get it from Amazon. I’ve sent so much stuff back there anyway. Thanks again, Dano
  4. Good morning everybody, Hand powered sewing machine caught my eye the other day. YouTube videos were cool, looks like once you deburr everything and lube it up good they work fine, with a little learning curve. But…..if sewing leather wallets and maybe a holster now and then what needle and what thread is recommended? I’m dumber than a box of rox when it comes to thread size and needle types. Can you guys help me out here please? Thanks! Dano https://a.co/d/dXY8qik
  5. Thanks everybody, worked out pretty good, the pigskin is hard to use a beveler on though. Wants to rip.
  6. Thank you Paloma for the pics, I figured this is how you did it. I’ve tried but for some reason I can’t get the angle just right and can’t get it sharp enough to cut clean. I’ll keep picking at it I guess. Thanks again! Dano
  7. Also….which side did you work? Left or right in my picture? Thanks, Dano
  8. So you did this with just a twine and rouge or file it first and clean it up with cord/rouge? My last ordered said it “rounded edges” but it too was square. I’m about to give up and go crazy……. Thanks, Dano
  9. Thanks! Can’t wait till I get the chance tomorrow.
  10. Good morning everybody, Its been a long time since I’ve made a holster, much less one with a pig skin liner. In the past I after I sewed everything together I wrapped the pistol in saranwrap then wet the holster and stuffed it in to mold it to shape. Now if I glue the pig skin liner before sewing it all together and then wet the holster will the pigskin stretch too? I’d hate to tear it all up! Thanks! Dano
  11. Thanks everybody! Actually I found one at Wally World, just have to wait and see if it’s round. If not I’ll file it round I guess. Dano
  12. Good morning everybody! Just getting back into leather working and trying to get my tools. Usually I just go to Tandy’s but I’ve moved and the nearest store is over 80 some miles away so I’ve turned to Amazon. But…..twice now I’ve ordered a #5 edge tool to round the edges of my project and twice now I get a tool that doesn’t have a radius cut it’s square and it skives. Hobby lobby has some but only small ones like #2&#3. Online at Tandy they show no #5’s. Anybody know where I can get a #5 edge tool that has a radius? Thanks!
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