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  1. That looks so good! I'm guessing that you have the slim plate there as well!! Will send the message asap haha.
  2. @RockyAussie thanks for the feedback! Yes I will pair it with the open walking foot but couldn't find a photo with both. On my juki flatbed I modified/cut the walking foot just for this reason, to see where the needle goes in. Better control of the stitching especially dealing with changing layers. I already read about the plates you are doing, so that one is on my list. First I'll get comfortable with the machine and the first thing I will get is your slimmer opening plate and dog. I'll send a pm with the address for a quote. Thanks again! M.
  3. Hello everybody I made my mind purchasing a Juki 441 clone. Also, based on the stuff I want to sew with it I am intending to get this type of presser foot. Attached picture. The idea is to sew the bag gusset with support from the right side. I'm not sure if I am doing the correct choice, well probably I'll need anyways different types of feet in the future. But some feedback regarding this type of foot is appreciated. Also, is there something such as a flat needle plate for a cb3200? Thank you! Great community! M.
  4. I was searching the market for a triple feed heavy machine, and found this. Talked with the guy, he doesn't know what he bought but he's selling it for falling ill. Can't really associate the photos with any machine I know. Maybe some of you guys can provide any info? Thanks! M.
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