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  1. Anna

    Singer 132K6

    Angebe, I'm sure you will enjoy the your new to you machine. I've been messing with mine a bit lately, since I've been thinking about selling it. I know a lot more about sewing machines now than when we first got this about 10 years ago, so I can actually sew a lot better with it now. It makes a nice tight stitch and will sew a pretty good range of leather thickness.
  2. Anna

    Singer 132K6

    I don't have much history on my sewing machine, but this link is where I had dated it also.
  3. Anna

    Singer 132K6

    Thanks for the advice on where to advertise. I hadn't thought about parachutes. It would be nice for it to be in use again.
  4. Anna

    Singer 132K6

    Thank you for commenting. I think it is in pretty decent shape, and it is an nice looking sewing machine. I would like to keep it, but it would be nice for someone to get some use out of it too.
  5. Anna

    Singer 132K6

    I have a Singer 132K6 sewing machine that has been sitting around for many years not being used. I've been trying to decide if I should sell it, since it is just taking up space or if I should just hold onto it since it's a neat old machine. I was just wondering if anyone knows if they are worth anything or if there is any interest in one. It did sew nice when I did use it. I would appreciate if anyone had some more information about this machine. Thank you for your help!
  6. Anna

    In Skirt Rigging And Riders Leg

    Thanks for responding Keith. So far I have gotten the rigging skirts shaped down a lot more than they were just by wetting and strapping them down with the draw down strap. We have been on the go a bit lately so hopefully in a week or so I can get the seat shaped up and tacked down. Here's a picture of the skirts pulled down. Once again thank you to everyone for all the help on this. Anna
  7. Anna

    In Skirt Rigging And Riders Leg

    About 25 miles out of Casper. Where are you at in Wyoming?
  8. Anna

    In Skirt Rigging And Riders Leg

    This has all been a lot of help! Once I get the saddle a little further a long I will try to post pictures of its progress and let you all know how the rigging is working. I appreciate all who took the time to comment. Anna
  9. Anna

    In Skirt Rigging And Riders Leg

    Thank you both for your advice. I think I have some ideas to go from. Bob, I was planning on doing about 2" longer fenders and that should help them cover the rigging a little better, I hope. Thank you though for confirming that I should do so. We will see how everything fits after I get the seat leather tacked in place. Having him ride this saddle early was mostly to check on the shape of the ground seat. We also had some concerns about the rigging before the ride, but thought the rigging would be pulled down enough after he cinched up that it wouldn't rub so bad even without the fender change and the seat in. Oltoot, thank you for the picture of your style of in skirt rigging. I hope to be making more of these saddles and that will be helpful. I still might try wetting the rigging skirts and try to shape them down a little so they don't stick out so much. They should form that way anyway once the saddle is used. Is there any reason I shouldn't do that? Anna
  10. Hello, I need some advice on a saddle I am building. This is a first for me for many reasons. Two of those are, this is the first saddle I have built on a wood tree and this is the first in skirt rigging I have done. Which thank you to all who have provide input on these topics already on this forum. This saddle is for my husband, so I built it to the point where we could have him ride it, to try out the ground seat, so it is unfinished in these pictures. The stirrup leathers/fenders are not the ones that will go with this saddle when finished. The question I mainly have is, if there is any advice on how to fix or what to do about the in skirt rigging plate and where it rubs the riders leg? The skirts stick out and fallow the line of the saddle tree, hopefully you can see in the pictures. When my husband rode the saddle and it was cinched down on the horse it still really rubbed his leg. Should we wet the rigging and try to pull it down? Would pulling them in help or did I just get the rigging plate in a bad spot, or my leather too thick at the spot of the rigging plate? Once the seat is in, will that change how his leg sits over the rigging plate? Any other comments would be greatly appreciated as this is only the 4th saddle I have built and like I said there are a lot of firsts for me on this one. Thank you, Anna
  11. Thank you all for the help. I am working with a new space out in the country so I don't have to worry about neighbors, cars or buildings. My husband has some ideas to build something for me for getting fumes out but we wanted to see how others are dealing with this in their shops. As soon as I'm working in the shop and not a room in my house I think I will be bothered less by the smells, at least then I can open up windows and not worry about cooling or smelling up the whole house. All your input has been very helpful. oltoot - I have always wondered what a doctor would say about these fumes especially from the Barge cement, thanks for mentioning that also! Anna
  12. I'm looking for help or an idea on how to get fumes out of my leather shop. I have a wall or ceiling I can put a vent though. The things I use most that have fumes are barge cement and leather dyes. Generally if at all weather permitting I try to do these things outside but I can't always do that. If anyone has a exhaust fan installed in their shop or if you have any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you, Anna
  13. Thank you everyone for such encuraging and nice comments! And thank you for the advice about the filagree from Oltoot, when I was drawing out the pattern I had no idea what size to make the background areas. Anna
  14. Please take a look, but also, feel free to give me any advice or critiques. These are the first pair of fancy chaps I have made, so far. They were great fun to design and make, I am so proud that they are still whole and not a pile on the floor somewhere! The filigree on the tops and bottoms was a first for me, so I am sure there are teniques to doing this easier. Also sewing the name on and the metalic leathers in general was a new experience as all I have done before this was working type chaps. Anyway I hope you like them, and any advice to make the next pair I do even better, would be awesome! Anna
  15. Hi all, I am trying to make a chaps/chinks display stand and am just wondering how others have built theirs. I don't have any handy to look at so I am just trying to go from what I remember or what pictures I find on line. I am planning on starting on it this week and it would be a great help if I could get some input on this. My plan is to make it out of wood and if that doesn't work out I will try to get my husband to weld one together for me. Thanks so much! Anna