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  1. A crowd favorite indeed! I tried another bobbin and it worked perfectly! Once again I am very thankful to you sir. And now for the next problem! (I feel like a quizmaster) When I backstitch I get a ball of thread underneath and it only takes "half" steps because it keep getting pulled (probably by the ball underneath). The first picture shows the ball as seen on the underside. The second is the top side and the thread on the left is the backstitch and as you can see it's much tighter. I humbly ask for additional help. (Never buying anything without a proper manual again.)
  2. I am back once more, and with a new issue! So the tension trouble I was having has mutated into another kind but still recognizably similar. Now I get 4 stitches that look great, and then 4 rubbish ones. And repeat. Any ideas? Once again, don't dismiss anything as being "too basic or stupid to fix". I'd have it upside down if it wasn't for the arrows on the box.
  3. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. This fixed the tension trouble instantly! The fact that you went through the trouble of making the picture. I tip my hat to you sir. Now to tackle the next problem but I will make a serious effort to fix it on my own before I inevitably come crawling back. Massive thank you to you all gentlemen!
  4. Hi everyone! I believe the phrase "long time listener, first time caller" is apt here even if we are not on a radio station. I'm a general maker but mainly I'm a leatherworker. I make a plethora of things from wallets to hats. I recently acquired a Sieck 269-373 sewing machine, which I can only assume is a Chinese copy of the Durkopp Adler with the same numbering. So it is fair to say I am new to the august club of sewing machine owners. I have had problems even finding a good manual for the machine so I'm not even sure it's threaded correctly. I have included pictures which show the threading. I am also significantly confused over what thread size this machine can handle. Wherever I look I see different opinions on this matter but as of right now it is (hopefully incorrectly which might make for an easy fix) threaded with TEX 135 bonded Nylon both above and below. I have included pictures of the threading for reference. My problem is mainly the tensioning. I don't know if this is because the thread is too thick or because of a setting. I have tried cranking the tension right up but I get the bobbin thread basically sitting flush and not being pulled into the leather at all. I've included a picture of a flipped over piece of 5 oz veg tan that I tried to put a seam in. I now ask for your help to see if anything stand out as wrong or any ideas that pop up. And please, do not think that anything might be too stupid for me to have done as I am a complete novice with this machine. Thank you.
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