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  1. Thanks all! Vise each piece between wood is the only option , or work with thicker leather.
  2. Thank you; I will inquiry with the vendor.
  3. Total newbee here, experienced with fabric but totally green regarding leather. Ultimate goal is to to assemble leather jacket working with scraps. Starting with a simple bi-fold wallet and youtubeing for info regarding "burnishing" and edge finishing. This item will be machine sewn on a Sailrite Leatherwork (yeah, already figured out a cylinder arm would be better for hats & caps). Sewing together is not an issue, working with finishing the edges is confusing. Material is very soft and pliable, has no stability to sand or bevel the edge. Once assembled the 3/4 layer outside edges are beefy enough to stand up to a sanding drum (Dremel or by hand) but getting a single layer to a nice finish has me baffled. Guidance or direction to a "how-to" video for working with soft pliable leather appreciated. Found tons of info on thick substantial but nothing on edge finishing thin and soft. TIA TonyD
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