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  1. I would also like to know if I can use it "rough out", to get a more "suede" look, any disadvantage to do that ? Thanks again
  2. Does somebody have a tricks for burnishing Latigo ? I heard about Tokonole, and rubbing with canvas.. And what about just leaving the edge like it is after the cut ? Any potential problem ? I was thinking using this 3mm stitching chisel, and some 0.6mm Ritza Tiger thread, make sense ? https://tandyleather.ca/collections/tools/products/88043-535-pro-line-diamond-stitching-chisels?variant=33548993265795
  3. Sorry, I mean no dye or paint, just burnished
  4. Thanks. My goal is to have a nice burnished edge without any paint. I like the "raw" but finished look (for nato strap). Yes, Tormach are very good tbh. The 440 is the smaller one but I mill titanium and stainless without any problem. Low HP but very rigid machine.
  5. Thanks ! I will try that. Maybe try putting the strap between two pieces of wood, my latigo is very soft. The Datron is one of my dream machine. I have a small Tormach 440, nothing amazing but very happy with it. I'm currently working on the CAD and I will make a new thread soon to show the process and my beginner leather work lol. Thanks
  6. Hi! So I would like to make some Nato strap. I was looking for good leather and bough these: https://www.oaleathersupply.com/products/horween-leather-jet-black-dublin-3-3-5oz https://www.oaleathersupply.com/products/rawlings-tennessee-tanning-co-bison-brown-latigo-3-4oz (And also some Wickett & Craig - Black harness - veg tan) The reason I choose the Horween and the Rawlings, Latigo tan, is to have a supple leather. I also read Latigo tan can tolerate sweat and humidity very well. They are very soft and pleasant to the touch. I'm wondering if you think it's a good choice ? My second question is; how I can finish the edge ? I did some edge finishing in the past but with thick veg tan, never on thin and supple leather. Probably gonna have some question about hand stitching but I will start by reading other post first. I have a small CNC mill in my basement and will design and machine my buckle, tell me if you will like to see the making process. Thank you !!
  7. rcv1337


    Hi guys. I'm a CNC machinist and gunsmith from Canada. I'm also a watch enthusiast and I would like to start a little brand of Nato strap, and design/machine my own buckle. I did a little bit of leather work couple years ago but I never make any strap and I have a couple of question so I will start a new thread for that. Thank you and happy to learn from you.
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