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  1. ??, machine in video is a DU-105, not a 115, the specs for the 105 show it as a 7mm stitch, the DU-100/DU-120 instruction manual list the du-100-12 and 120 and specs show 7mm stitch, but the du-115 is not listed in specs I am certain my DU-115 is a 5mm stitch machine, but why it only gives 4.2mm is my issue.
  2. Thanks for the video link, i had already seen this one, looking more for details on stitch length, not sure if the 115 is limited to 4mm stitch or if it should go to 5mm, the flywheel is marked 0 to 5 on stitch adjuster so i assume it should go to 5. but no matter how i adjust the feed regulator cam it only does 4.2mm. i know 0.8mm isnt much, but if your doing a contrasting top stitch it makes a difference. i did manage to get a 5.1mm stitch in forward with a 4.2mm reverse, to do this i had to move pin #476 to the right far enough so it no longer rests on the casting (this is the hard stop for forward and reverse), with pin moved to right, the reverse lever now travels just a little higher in the forward position, so effectively the reverse lever now becomes the limit stop for forward stitch length.
  3. Hello group, I am new here and new to industrial sewing machines. I just scored a mitsubishi Du-115 for $200 canadian. It sews ok, but stitch is a bit short at 4.1mm, I have the parts catalog, I have the du-100/125 operator manual as well as a couple singer 211 manuals, the 211u157a seems closest match.. but there are several differences especially with feed regulator and reversing linkage. As far as I can find this machine should do a 5mm stitch. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the du-115 specs?
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