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  1. I don't think the thread or needle are an issue, since they have been set up by the distributor, which is a well known dealer here in Belgium. Neither the leather, so far i have been practicing with scraps not thicker than 2.4mm (6oz) I believe I may have been treading incorrectly, forgetting about the last hole on top of the needle. At least this is what happened the last time. Can't be sure what happened before. The first one was set up properly by the distributor and still snap. Any ideas? I will go back sewing and keep you updated Thanks so much!
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post! What's happening is that i keep breaking needles on my sewing machine, Adler 69. I just got it few days ago. Right now i am learning machine sewing and till today everything was just fine. But in the last hour I've broken 5 needles and i can't figure it out why. I guess it must be plenty of reasons why a needle can break, could you tell me a few? Thanks!
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