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  1. thank you very much everyone, I will make a few attempts following the instructions you have given me :-)
  2. Thank you, now presser foot problem seems to be solved, I followed again video instructions. BUT… now the thread is torn from the needle after a few stitches ... It seems to be a tension problem ...? :-(
  3. good evening, I have a problem with the presser foot of my 441 clone. it doesn't move. I have searched and read on the forum about similar problems, but the proposed solutions do not work. can anyone help me?
  4. hello, I have been offered 3 sewing machines to complement a 441. the models are Juki 2210, Juki 1511, Adler 867. obviously there are price differences. I need the machines mainly for leather with thicknesses from 3 to 9-10mm. Could you give me a hint about pros and cons? thank you
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I was not aware of these accessories. For the rest, however, I await comments on the two other sewing machines, especially on the Jack
  6. Good evening, I write from Italy, thank you for welcoming me into the group. I'm considering changing my 441 clone machine because my work needs have changed. I'm looking for a more versatile machine also for medium thicknesses (3-4-5 mm). I was offered the Durkopp 667 and the Jack 2060g. the latter seems to have an interesting value for money, but I found very little information on the web and I'm not sure if it's right for me. To recap, I would need a 3-feed to sew mainly medium gauges and occasionally up to 1/2” gauge. Do you have any suggestions? unfortunately here in Europe I can't find some US brands, so I have to focus on Durkopp, Jack or Juki. thanks to those who will intervene
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