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  1. Nice work! I really dig the embroidery logo.
  2. That looks great! Well done!
  3. Here is a picture of me with the same rig built for one of my revolvers. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the kind remarks!
  4. Custom chest rig and belt slide for a Smith & Wesson X-Frame in 350 Legend. These chest rigs have really taken off for me in the handgun hunting community.
  5. Love it. Having worked with rattlesnake skin myself, I know that getting the diamonds to line up perfectly ain’t exactly easy. Well done!
  6. Thank you! Because…he asked for it haha.
  7. Latest commission for a buddy. Two knife sheaths - one with an external pocket for a sharpener.
  8. Hi Johanna.  Can you please give me access to the adult area?  Thank you.

  9. Wow, very sharp looking! Well done!
  10. BigBore

    Latest holster

    Thanks everyone!
  11. BigBore

    Latest holster

    That’s actually untreated.
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