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  1. Thank you! Tugadude, I did not know what it is. I just have had it for so long, I forgot where I got it from. Will look at the process and hopefully learn something. Hey Dwight, I have seen braided belts and they look really nice. Completely forgot about them when thinking of this bracelet. I think I will find tutorials for that as well. I have several more new things to learn! Thank you both!
  2. I have had this for a long time and only today noticed it is leather with silver-work. Does anyone have an idea how to make something like this? I would love to make another one. Would really appreciate any guidance.
  3. Hmm. I seem to have bad luck with Tandy. One store in CA, the single employee working the shift did not come out from the back room for 15 minutes while we waited. Then, she refused to give me any information at all.. I was very new then and needed information on what to buy for a book cover I planned to make. I finally had to leave without buying anything. Fast forward to GA, the manager is so busy trying to sell, she tries to push the most expensive items even after I told her I was a noob and did not want to spend too much until I was sure it was what I wanted to do. . At a basic construction class, she provided a thin awl with thick needles, made us do a double knot on the thread which was thick, so it would just not go through the holes we made with the diamond chisels, even after re-punching with the awl. Even the men in the class had trouble pushing the thread through and mine actually tore twice due to the force needed. I finally took the project home, used thinner needles and a thicker awl and completed the project. Her information on antiquing was incomplete even though several of us asked her about it - we were putting an antique finish on the class project - so my first 2 items ended a dull brown because I followed her instruction on how to do it. Another employee tried to make me take a used jar of leather conditioner - he kept pushing a specific jar at me as I tried to get another one. I got a little suspicious and opened it - it had fingerprints in it! I kept it away and got a new one - opened and checked. He did not even look embarrassed at being caught! 2 other employees there are fine. They do not try to push the most expensive items and are actually helpful. In fact, in another class, when I asked how to make lace, one of them taught me without trying to make me buy a lace maker. The other good employee provided all the information needed to repair an old case and provided a small piece of leather to do it. He did not even charge me for the leather! The 2 employees are the ones I look for, if I need to go back there. Unfortunately, when the manager is around, she is the one who comes forward and runs around so enthusiastically that after a while, I wonder if she is on something. With her, I cannot ask anything and expect useful information because her answers are always angled at making a sale. I know that their job is to sell, but if they took the customer's needs into consideration, they would have had long term customers. Now, I just came home, called Springfield leather and received all the information I needed and great leather as well, at great prices. A long rant! For those who read it all, thank you for your patience!
  4. SUP


    Vests have their uses - especially those with lots of pockets. I found one in a consignment shop and wear it all the time when I go to estate sales and flea markets. I can carry everything in my zippered pockets and can be hands free. Better than stuffing everything in my jeans pockets or carrying a handbag. Probably will need a lighter one for summer though but this works through the fall and spring.
  5. Beautiful. Very elegant. I would like the pattern too please.
  6. Most ready bought conditioners will have some form of chemicals, preservatives if nothing else. Below a certain percent, I heard that manufacturers are not expected to report it, but not sure if that is correct. Conditioners with waxes and oils usually darken leather, so just check on a scrap first. Conditioners which are water based like the one by Chemical Guys, do not darken but need more frequent conditioning. Aussie is a conditioner that does not darken but I find that it makes my leather dull, no matter how much I buff it. But many like it so it might work for you.
  7. This is what has helped me: Fill a spray bottle with a mix of 50% white vinegar and water. Spray the bags liberally inside and out, even where you donot see mold, because the spores and mycelia exist but are not visible to the naked eye. (You can also use a mixture of 30% rubbing alcohol and 70% water). Vinegar is acidic and should not harm the leather. The entire bag should be sprayed well. Then, allow to dry outside, preferably in the sun. If you like, once dry, you can do this once more, if the mold is really severe. Then allow to dry well and in the open air, the smell of vinegar should disappear in a couple of days. Once you are sure the bags are completely dry, apply a water resistant or waterproofing balm. Anything with beeswax should work. The beeswax will decrease the exposure to moisture which could again cause mold. The conditioning is important to preserve the leather. Ensure you rub in the conditioner on every part of each bag.Store in a dry area with a couple of bags of dessicant inside the bags. In the storag area, if possible, keep dessicants as well, or use rock salt. Buy 2 plastic buckets which fit one inside the other. Punch a hole on the base of the inner bucket. Add some rock salt into this inner bucket. Rock salt is hygroscopic and the water collects at the bottom of the inner bucket. The hole in it allows the water to drain into the outside bucket. Empty the outer bucket periodically. This decreases the humidity in the area to some extent. Hope this helps.
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