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  1. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    Not for me. If I don't pierce the thread, it comes off the needle as the thread gets shorter, which is a pain. @DieselTech I tried this S-method and it works! Not had the thread tangle as yet this morning.
  2. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @DieselTech got it! thank you, especially for the photograph. That really helps.
  3. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @Mablung it is helpful. Thank you. I do pierce my thread only once. Never sure of how to do the S-thing. If absolutely needed, I suppose I could learn. But really! Such an expensive thread and then needing to go through all this trouble - thread the needle in a particular way, sew in a particular way, lay the thread in a particular way. Unless they have a color that I cannot get from any other brand, it's just not worth the trouble at this point, at least to me.
  4. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @sparctek, rather like I do with my laced bags, but that is much easier, since the lace is much wider. At this point, I am making items in which the beauty is in the pattern and leather itself and I keep the stitching discreet and in the background. Perfect time to practice until I get it right. Thank you for the detailed guidance.
  5. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @sparctek, that is a lot of useful information! I appreciate that. Ritza is lightly waxed, so it is possible it rubs off as I stitch. I will try waxing it periodically, before it knots. Seeing that it knots over time, it might just be drying out as you say. I am not sure whether I pull it at weird angles - I will watch out for that. One question - how do you get flat thread to lie flat in your stitches? Doesn't it wind around as you go through the stitches? I try to keep it flat as I stitch, rather like when I make laced bags, but this is difficult with the thin thread.
  6. @Handstitched Thank you. Over the years, Valentine's day becomes somewhat routine. This year, since I learnt something new, I thought of making this - something different. Otherwise, I'm more of an April fool's gal - salt in tea. misleading signs etc. What fun!!
  7. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @mike02130, I have no idea whether 'higher end' work requires thinner thread than I presume 'lower end' work does. I do know that such thin thread does not work on the larger bags and backpacks that I make for family and friends. I started out recently too, about a year ago, although I am much older. I also don't know the ages of the people who consider Ritza to be one of the best or recommend it and would not presume anything. Older people do try different things too. In my opinion, Thinner thread is needed for items like wallets and watch straps. Larger items like backpacks, saddles etc. need thicker thread. It is possible that Vinymo and Meisi ranges are of thinner thread, correct me if I am wrong, because I searched and could not find thread that is 0.8-1mm in thickness. Rhino, Ritza and others have ranges of thread of thicker diameters. Comparing them would be like comparing key limes to grapefruit.
  8. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @zuludog Thank you. I'll certainly try both. I've used Rhino thread from SFL . It is a flat thread as well. It works okay.
  9. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    I must try it then. No more Ritza. I'm seriously annoyed about it right now.
  10. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    Nice colors, @DieselTech. But it is natural fibre is it not? I am a little leery of that because I wear a lot of cotton and linen and they always break down within decades - the stitching as well as the cloth. Will these not do the same? About the Ritza, it knots at the base of my needles as I continue to stitch! I have stitched so much over the last year and that has never happened with any other thread. I'm a bit grumpy about it - I need to do some more stitching with that thread to complete a backpack and see myself using a pair of pliers or cutting the thread and re-threading the needles periodically.
  11. SUP

    Why Ritza Thread?

    @DieselTech I've not tried those. Will do so next time I need a new color. That is still not as pricy as Ritza though. I need to check how my stitching is with flat thread. The thread is exactly the color of the leather, so t is not much visible.
  12. Why is Ritza thread considered one of the best? I have been using a variety of threads, from ones on Amazon to the Rhino thread from SFL to, recently, Ritza. I frankly see not much difference between Ritza and others which I consider good. Some are bad in that they are too extra-waxed or under-waxed, both of which can be managed, or too loosely wound but other than that, I find that Ritza is no different from many other, more reasonably priced ones. I wondered if there is any specific reason why everyone recommends Ritza so often.
  13. You get the same cuticle trimmers on Temu too. They work great and that is what I usually use now as well. You can change angles and they are lot more manageable. @Toffe you should be able to get them very easily from China.
  14. SUP

    TandyPro Tools

    Tandy always mention their sales on their site. They sometimes have good deals, especially on overstock.
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