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  1. This phone case look very durable and usable. The stitching seems durable too.
  2. Yes, it looks usable and doesn't look like a piece of scrap. In a positive way you can think of it as a vintage piece.
  3. There can be many things it can be used for such as: bathroom rug you can use it as bed underlay or you can also use it as a decor in your room.
  4. You can put conditioner on the rough side as it will help soften the leather and make it wearable.
  5. The shape of this leather travel bag is quite unique yet this uniqueness makes it different from others and attractive.
  6. Very good post for anybody doing a leather business. Online and Offline marketing both are very important to run a local leather business.
  7. This is some insanely good information you have right here. Your post is really great for new people to learn about leather more.
  8. This is a nice tutorial of braiding and i will try it next after completing my current leather work. Thank you for posting.
  9. Russian Sable fur is the most expensive fur because of its silky texture and light weight.
  10. I believe that storing leather is very important part of its care. I store my leather products in a dark, cool and dry place where they are away from any harms i can think of. I like to hang my leather garments on a sturdy wooden hanger.
  11. Soft and sturdy leather is to go leather for watch straps. I actually use straps made from Calfskin Leather as I feel that it is comfortable to wear for a long time and also suits many different styles.
  12. If you want to make it budget friendly as well as sturdy then synthetic leather is best choice, but if you are going with real leather then you may try pig skin or cow hide for it. It will be better if you choose the leather tougher and the one which provides much protection.
  13. I would never apply petroleum product on leather as it can damage my natural leather but instead use a high quality leather conditioner or specific product.
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