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  1. Thanks, how much is this machine worth?
  2. Hi, I found this used sewing machine for sale with a clutch motor in really good condition I checked it everything works, the question is is it worth $790?
  3. Thanks, yes I talked to them they say it's not possible
  4. I have a Global 9971, does anyone know if a Pfaff 591 roller with straight teeth would fit it as well?
  5. Hello, I have a Global 9971 post bed sewing machine, the cheapest model, and it does not have reverse sewing, is it possible to add it?thought it was possible because there are models that have the option so it must be something that can be added or changed
  6. Hi, does anyone know what model this is? The seller is not near the machine and he does not know what model it is, and if it is suitable for sewing leather?
  7. My machine is a real mess, but I also watched some of wue videos and did what is do and it worked out, I don't really know how it happened
  8. durkopp adler 272 efka modular v720, looking for a manual to efka control and I can't find, the buttons next to the needle (control panel) don't work, I wanted to know what could be why it doesn't work
  9. Hi, i bought the machine really cheap and I'm looking for a manual to efka motor , I can't find it
  10. Hello I need to adjust the Forward and reverse stitching to be the same length, I can't find any information about it, I also looked here and didn't find it, maybe someone can direct me where or how to fix it? adler 269-73
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