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  1. Still looking for some irons
  2. Funny you say so, I’m working the other direction and want to give irons a try vs wheel. Curiosity killing the cat I suppose
  3. Thank you, have not seen this section yet, great info. I did stumble upon Nigel’s reviews and found them to be very insightful Correct, marking and following with awl, however not against hybrids like crimson hides or punching through with sharp and consistent width longer tines for certain jobs. I’ve read good things on the RM irons, seem to be a good option. I’m hoping to find some used if possible vs breaking the bank on new
  4. Thanks for the offer Ferg, the #8 size wouldn’t fit my needs however Sending you a Pm on these @terrymac
  5. Looking for a set of #9 and #7 or 6 pricking irons in 2 tooth + 5-8 tooth. Looking for French Style 45 degree irons, not chisels. Jonathan
  6. Thanks Bill, do you know if it details leather covered hardwood cases with felt interiors?
  7. IH460

    Al Stohlman books

    Looking to begin learning case making and would like to start with “The art of leather case making” volumes. If anyone has any of the three collecting dust please let me know.
  8. Thank you both, I’ll check these out. Do these cover techniques for classic shotgun cases?
  9. I’m interested in learning about case making, are there any resources that are recommended to begin learning from?
  10. Thanks all for the welcome! @Hags how do you like your cobra class 3?
  11. Excellent option here. I wasn't aware of the narrow feed dog/throat plate options. I know there's really not a "one size fits all" solution but this sounds about as close as it can get. I had planned to run the 29k58 for thin work on bags, etc and leave it set up with #69, but must admit that if the CB4500 has this kind of adaptability, it may sit more than run. I enjoy hand stitching smaller projects, but needed to speed up the long runs of finer stitching, and would love to save some of what's left in my hands and let a machine tackle the real thick work on the holsters and sheaths. What would the budget look like on these upgrades for the CB4500?
  12. @kgg Thanks for the info. I certainly agree with the buy once philosophy and suspected that the older singers may be tough to keep up and running as time goes on with parts availability. I've looked at the CB4500 and Cobra Class 4 in the past on the heavier side of things and will have to check into the other recommendations for flat work and other cylinder machines you mentioned. In USA
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