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  1. So, I was cleaning my machine and thinking about the age question again. Then i noticed that there is a red plastic oil point up top and a plastic gear case cover down under...so, how could it be 1908, long before plastics? I'll appreciate any light that can be shed on this age mystery.
  2. So I looked my serial number , 734789, on the table and mine was made in 1908! Could this really be true? Over a hundred years old and still sewing well? The machine sure doesn't look that old to me, but whadda I know?1
  3. Excellent, just what I need! Thanks. Now if anyone knows of a similar serial number listing for Consew...
  4. Is it possible to determine the year of manufactor of a Pfaff or Consew by the serial number on the machine? Say a lookup table?
  5. Thanks everyone for the good info. I went ahead and bought the Pfaff...it was so inexpensive that I just had too. I'll use my Consew and this one both and then decide which I like better and then sell the other. First step will be a major cleaning, lubing, and swap out the olf clutch motor for a servo. I'll no doubt have more questions for the group!
  6. Okay that's all good to know. Thanks. One more question about the differences between the two machines..and then I'll drop it, promise! Is the Pfaff, being a German-built machine more reliable or longer-lasting machine than the Consew?
  7. Thanks everyone. I sure appreciate the help. I am going to see/buy it on Monday. I currently sew on a Consew 226R...Would this Pfaff be an upgrade? They look fairly similar in build. I do see that the stitch length adj is much simpler on the Pfaff,
  8. Hello all, Ive got an opportunity to purchase a Pfaff 545-H4-6/01 CLPMN I did some research here and see that the "L" designates this machine as a leather sewing machine, instead of a "S" which is for fabric. I do aauto uphostery work in heavy fabrics and, of course, vinyl. My question is would this not be a good machine for me due to the leather designation or would I be okay? Is there a significant difference between the two and what does the difference pertain to? I sew on a Consew 226R. Would this be a significant upgrade for me? Thanks for any assistance! ~martin
  9. Thanks for the answer and...right on, solved the problem!
  10. Hi all, This forum has been such a great source of info for me as a newbie. Now I've got a question that I cant find an answer for.. I'm adding piping to a seat cushion. I bought a set of piping feet for my ol Consew 226 and set the correct size foot up. It sews it fine, and puts the stitch right up next to the piping edge like it should BUT I notice that the needle comes down a little bit on the plastic piping and then deflects off the piping before it stabs in. Is this normal? I worry that Ill eventually break my needle (#20). I ran about 20 ft of piping this way yesterday. Thanks for any suggestions.
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