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  1. Ok, that could be the case. Seems a bit strange on a machine that is made for heavy duty and leather where the stitches are visible and often a part of the visual effect. On a machine for fabric where the stitches aren't as visible I can understand the part of not damage the thread.
  2. Hi I recently bought a Pfaff 1445 with EFKA V720. I'm having some problems with the sync between reverse stitch and forward. When I set stitch length to 4mm the forward stitch is correct but the reverse stitch is 5,2mm long. The same ratio for the whole range from 1mm up to 6mm. I have adjusted the feed, feeddog and everything I can think of but still the same problem. Does anyone know what the problem can be? Grateful for all help
  3. Hi! I have all the different manuals for the Pfaff 1445 I think. User manual Service manual Parts manual Also for Efka v720 modular if you're interested. Swedish guy
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