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  1. UPDATE: SOLD! thank you to all who reached out.
  2. The pictures aren’t the greatest quality due to size restrictions. If anyone would like better (or more) pictures, just message me and I can give you my cell phone number. Thanks for taking time to look at this post!
  3. I guess I’d be willing to move a little on the price. I know it isn’t brand new but it’s barely been used. All of it new with freight would be about $3300 (I have the invoice). So I guess that’s why I’m sort of firm on it.
  4. Sorry about forgetting pictures! I’m going with a post bed machine.
  5. Cobra Class 26 with EPS bought new from Leather Machine Co in late March of this year. Only used about 2-3 bobbins worth of time on this machine. Machine runs perfectly but I’m looking for a different machine for my needs and I can’t afford to keep them both. Comes with drop down edge guide (still in original packaging), work platform attachment (still in packaging), 1lb spool of 207 thread in brown and black (barely any used), 1oz spools of red, gray, forest green (all still in packaging), several bobbins, and some needles (135x16). I have all of the original paperwork and can provide the invoices showing proof or purchase if necessary) local pickup only or can deliver for $1/mile. I’m near Lexington KY Asking $2250
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