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  1. @carlpbates sorry, Im a little confused. Were you interested in the burnisher? Its not two machines, its one machine that does both. I still have it if you're interested
  2. Im in Fischer, TX. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  3. Leather Machine Company pedestal sander/burnisher. Variable speed from 2000-3500rpm. Reversible. Awesome machine for shaping/sanding edges and puts a great burnish to finish the job. Heavy duty pedestal capable of fastening to floor. Has hook for vaccuum tube to keep the dust down in the shop. $300 $300
  4. Weaver Mighty Wonder 8 ton clicker for sale. Absolutely awesome machine. I have two cutting beds for it. Nothing at all wrong with it. Well maintained and works very well. Located in Fischer, TX. $1500
  5. Cobra Class 26. Runs perfect, nothing wrong with it. Have stitch guide, and flat top attachment. 4 bobbins, several spools of thread, needles etc. Ready to go to work. I built my business off this machine and recommend for anyone upscaling from handsewing. Its a very smooth and even machine and it will sew faster than most people are capable of. Programable servo motor to set maximum speed to your comfort. Reversable for easy lock stiching. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Willing to give a lesson for those who may not know how to run a sewing machine. Located in Fischer, TX $1500.00
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