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  1. Set of 7 tomahawk sheaths and 2 belt look axe holders just went out the door for some customers. All natural veg tan and brown dye.
  2. ok that makes sense. thanks for the advice, will defiantly try that on my next project. Neatsfoot oil is now on my shopping list.
  3. Dwight, Thanks I really appreciate the input! As for your comment about neatsfoot, are you saying you do this each time before dying your projects or are you saying to remove the dye that has already been applyed?
  4. Hi, I am relatively new to leather working and have mainly made knife and axe sheaths and i am starting to work on some larger project. I have been working mainly with Veg Tan leather and recently switched to Fiebings pro dye. Right now i am working on trying to make some basic belts and noticed after dying i started to get some striations and uneven coloring along the belt. I wanted to see if anyone has and advice on what could cause this, The leather im using, dying process, ect.. Thanks
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