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  1. That is a fitting scabbard for an outstanding rifle. Perfect match, outstanding work.
  2. Glock and similar trigger "safety" systems are defeated when clothing, be it folds of t-shirt, outer shirt, jacket, get into the trigger guard as it is being pushed into the holster. The result is a negligent discharge. Holster design won't prevent it, operator training and vigilance will. Oh never fear, people seem to find a way to have negligent discharges with 1911's too.
  3. Classic holster lines, very well made. Very Nice. I would be proud to own such a piece.
  4. I'm in agreement with DisplacedLouisiana.....the pictures I see look like a stitch line around the toe. My vote is it had a toe plug.
  5. Pin it in place with a hole for the sling swivel stud to go though....it won't move forward or back
  6. I'm afraid I am of the school to carry one at the ready with spare magazine(s) available. If I need to transport many others a backpack will do nicely, with the guns wrapped in pistol rugs. I know that isn't the answer you are looking for. While working I sometimes carried a small 380 auto as a back up piece in the pocket or a shoulder rig, but I don't think that is what you are asking either.
  7. I like these a lot...good looking and practical as well. Yes I like thumbreaks.....if you can put a 1911 in a cowboy holster (Wild Bunch) you can certainly use an imminently useful thumbreak with a SAA holster.
  8. I pity the poor guy lugging around two of those all day. Nice work.
  9. That is absolutely first rate.....not to sure about the pink camo on a handgun, but love the holster. LOL
  10. Don't store brass cartridges in leather. Nickle plated cases fare a little better.
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