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  1. I already ordered the book and it is on the way! Unfortunately there are 2 stores in a whole different city and after calling them, they explained they just sell leather and most of it is for upholstery with a relatively narrow selection. I figured I'd rather buy online so I know the tannery and all so I can buy the same again and again. The further I learn about leather working the more projects I have in mind and I'm sure it will take additional budget, just like with any hobby I am sure I will take it slow and build up from there with tools, supplies, making patterns (which I started practicing with card stock) and progressive acquiring of understanding for the process.. @SUP @Klara thank you again for all of your inputs! I appreciate it so much!
  2. Thank you for sharing all that! I indeed want to do the absolute best for her, so I thought of practicing cutting sewing and skiving making knife sheaths, wallets and maybe watch straps to practice the cutting, sewing edge paint and burnish, all that jazz. I guess the best thing to do would be to just hop into it and start getting hands on it. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you both so much! From what I saw a mallet, pricking irons, needles and thread, round and awls, a skiving knife and edge bevelers should do the trick and a few consumables (sand paper, glue, tokonole, edge paint and finisher) should do the trick and some leather to try and begin.. did I miss anything?
  4. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the knowledge you drop here! I put the book on order straight away! Merci beaucoup!
  5. Thank you again! Fortunately my months of learning led me to those YT channels and I am familiar. Thank you for all the resources! I will surely find everything I look for and probably a little extra! In terms of threads and adhesives, I'd rather go natural linen thread and water based adhesives. Do you think it holds and effects to the end product quality? And regarding edge painting and dressing, I didn't see much besides burnishing with tokonole and applying edge paints but I have no idea about the different makes and types (for example, Angelus for edge paint? Some generic black paint? What about something more colorful?) Thanks again for the welcoming attitude and abundance of insight!
  6. That's right. I'm sure I will make mistakes, I was just wondering maybe that would require additional practice because of firmness? Maybe stiffer leather is actually easier to handle? The main reason I put out these leather type names is that she loves them and I want to make her happy. That's the primary goal of getting into this. Thank you for the comment and insight! Is there any material or tool you'd avoid beyond that?
  7. That sounds great! I will reach out, thank you!
  8. Thank you for the elaborate response! I do go into this with humility, like I think is right with any new skill. I do have a little crafting background (a little calligraphy and illumination) so my initial thought was to make things to use myself, but I guess starting slow and simple would be the way. I assumed those leathers wouldn't come cheap, and I guess starting with something more price-friendly would be right here. I still don't know much about the difference in workability, since her bags and purses are rather stiff, I thought it could make things easier or harder (I have no real idea here). I have not run into those suppliers so that is wonderful to have a few more websites to observe! It helps me get an idea of what's out there. Regarding the tools, again, really appreciate the advice! Thank you again, it means a lot to me!
  9. I am from Israel so closer to Europe, though Rockey Mountain ships here (although around 40USD for shipping is hefty) and they seem to have really good leathers!
  10. That is absolutely my mistake, I'm just reaching out to a few places. Sorry for that!
  11. Hey leathercrafters of reddit! I'm a complete beginner in leatherworking and my end goal is to make a cute purse for my spouse, watch straps and a dopp kit for myself. I have watched videos and I'm reading about the basics, and I want to set my foot in there. I would greatly appreciate tips, tricks, advice, maybe even links? I have a budget of about 200$ to begin with and hopefully make it with the purse, or at least. In terms of tools, I only own rulers a cutting mat and small knives (like x-acto knives). In geographical terms I'd rather use European suppliers to aid with lower shipping costs to me. To be specific, she likes leather products from the big brands, with finishes like the Saffiano, Epi and Epsom leathers. I know it's standardized leather and I might have to put a good penny on it by itself? I'd like to make a lightweight bag, yet have it hold shape and stiffness. I want to add a lining too, but I went lost in all the options. the watch straps I'd like are simple, yet I want them to be comfortable to wear in terms of material that lays on the skin. I'd like to make a dopp kit that js waterproof (or at least splash proof) lined with something soft. I know I'd need a mallet, pricking irons, needles, thread, probably edge dying and finishing supplies, and probably some more tools and supplies. Is there a type of leather, supply, thread, tool etc to avoid? Anything I can cheap out on? Things that are worth the investment? I'd appreciate any and all inputs! Thanks in advance!
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