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  1. Thanks all Point noted on Kydex, but it is nowhere near as much fun. Aloha
  2. Hi All... new to the forum and kinda new to leather work. Got into it by accident 'cause I needed a new sheath for my Gerber multi tool and wasn't going to pay what they wanted for it. Then found I really enjoyed the project. Have made several for the guys at work now along with some knife sheaths This is Take 2 where I dyed it with Fiebings pro. Would like to seal it with Resolene then mink oil/neetsfoot for preservation. I am pretty hard on stuff in my business, and this rides on my belt all the time and they get really funky. The first one I left natural with just a couple coats of mink oil and it is really beat up Can I do that?, Oil first, or Resolene?, other way around? or are they not compatible? New territory for me. I do ship repair. As I noted in my profile, I am into utilitarian, work stuff, not really artistic yet. Thanks in advance Aloha Gordy
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