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  1. NEW Techsew SK-4 Leather Skiving Machine with Built in Enclosed Vacuum System


    I purchased this skiver from TechSew USA for $2695.00.

    The technician gave me some pointers on how to use an adjust the bell, sharpen and general use of the machine.

    I have tried to use the machine twice, finding it way too big for me, with the technician on the phone and have given up. It’s a gorgeous machine, brand new, except for the five minutes that I used it in with the built-in, vacuum system and table, it really is a complete unit and would be a great machine in any leather workshop.

    • Skives light and medium leather up to 8oz
    • Up to 2" skiving width per pass
    • Adjustable skiving width
    • Integrated blade sharpener
    • Space saving table - only 33.5" wide
    • Includes assembled table and adjustable speed servo motor





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