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  1. I may end up just using a simple snap. I was really hoping to make a exact reproduction.
  2. It's not part of the mag. I have several of these magnetos. Hopefully he can ID it.
  3. I've tried antique tractor forums without any luck. The cover was only offered from around 1925-32. So it's almost impossible to find any info on them other than parts books that show the whole assembly. I figured out the picture thing. That should help my cause. The best I can tell it resembles a bridle strap clasp but smaller.
  4. I'm attempting to reproduce a leather magneto cover for vintage Farmall tractors. I'm having a hard time finding out what style buckle/clasp they used. As you can imagine 90 year old survivors are non existent. For some reason it won't let me post pics.
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