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  1. So, a couple years ago I wanted a plague doctor mask for halloween, so like a reasonable person I spent hundreds on leather, cheap tools, and a pattern to make my own. It took me till a week before halloween to get the leather, but with a good bit of work I had it finished on time and I was incredibly happy with the result. Afterwards I still had quite a bit of leather leftover, and I wanted an entirely unique mask, so I thought why not design my own template? Well that didn't turn out nearly as easy as the last mask. Following the template was simple, the hardest part was finding the right leather. But I had no clue where to even begin making my own template. Eventually, after lots of dragging my feet, I drew mock ups of how I wanted the mask to look. Then, I 3d modelled the design, hoping that maybe there'd be some way to segment off the model, and then flatten those segments into a usable template. The model turned out great, but I couldn't figure out a way to get a template from it. Where do I even go from here? I'm entirely stumped on what I should do next. Pictures of the 3d model for better understanding
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