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  1. Thanks for the comments, I bought the machine from a lady who ran a home business doing upholstery and other stuff who had upgraded machines. This was one of her old ones that had been in storage on her verandah so not being rained on but still exposed to the weather a bit. There's some rust on the chrome and metal parts but it should clean up ok and I looked at the price of tension discs and they were not expensive. Nylonrigging do you know if the feet on this machine are the same as any of the other more common brands, I've attached a few more pictures. I'm limited for space myself so the table will probably live in my carport and I'll store the head in my shed where it's better protected. HS do you have an industrial machine? If you do where do you buy your consumables from, I'm in Perth.
  2. Thanks, here's the datasheet I'll message you about the others. KM-340BL datasheet.pdf Added files KM-340BL_MME manual.pdf KM-340BL_PME parts book.PDF
  3. Hi All I'm new from downunder and found this site like many others I guess do when searching for info on industrial sewing machines. My main reason for purchasing a machine was not so much leatherwork but for industrial sewing heavy vinyl / polycloth? fabric as one of my children is a trampolinist and I'm making extra safety padding for our home trampoline setup. I'm also interested in MYO outdoor gear and who knows if leatherwork comes up in the future. Anyway enough about me I thought I would post up a pic of the machine I've just bought, its a Sunstar KM-340BL walking foot machine. Where I live walking feet machines at home hobbyist prices are few and far between so when I saw this on a local marketplace for $500 AU the quick google of the model number and spec sheet was enough to suggest it should do all I am looking for https://industrialsewingmachineman.com/machines/mach.asp?dir=sewmach&brand=SunStar&Model=KM-340BL&ProductType=Industrial+Straight+Stitch+Machines The machine is made in Korea and from my limited experience seems very well made, no chinesium evident at all. For all of the experts out here is this a clone of something else, I can post more pictures if needed. It came on a standard size industrial table with a 3/4hp slow speed clutch motor and being in Australia it's even better as its 1425RPM with our 50Hz power not 1725 RPM. I test sewed it at the sellers with multipe layers of fabric with the thread you can see in it and it stitched OK. For the time being I am just going to get a smaller motor pulley 40-45mm to slow it down a bit as its got a 110mm one on the motor but will work on a servo motor setup when I have saved a few more dollars as this is just a hobby for me so no doubt I'll be posting more in the future. I have managed to find the spec sheet, user manual with all of the timing and adjustment info and also parts manuals that I can post somewhere if it will help anyone else.
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